Gift of membership

By becoming a WSM member, you partner with us in implementing life-saving and community building projects. A membership also provides networking opportunities both locally and globally. Together we can make a difference!

Join hands with us by becoming a member. Your support sustains the ongoing aid of many underprivileged people in D.R. Congo and Kenya.

Thank you for your encouragement.


WSM would like to expand its network and establish more projects as well as ensure sustainability of these projects. Therefore, WSM invites both individuals and organizations to be members of this noble couse.

Membership is renewed annually. The membership fee is agreed upon at the Annual General Assembly. WSM has two categories of membership:
Individual members ( 40 USD per year / 3,5 USD a month).
Organizations: 80 USDkr. per year.
Please transfer to account: KONTO: Denmark/9100 4502104506
IBAN : DK7591004502104506, BIC/SWIFT ; JYBADKKK

Duties of Members:

  • Participate in our projects either voluntarily or on employment.
  • Represent and act on behalf of the Organization generally, that is do all such acts as may be necessary for the efficient running of the Organization.
  • A member (on request by the organization) can carry out special correspondence and publicity on behalf of the Organization.
  • Participate in the formation of the organization's committees governed by the provisions of this constitution.

This is for running various functions of the organization Note that the anualy contribution fee will be communicated.


Partners are considered as members. WSM wishes to partner with both funding members of WSM and those who personally have a calling that tallies with WSM vision of Love, Sacrifice and Work. WSM would wish that these partners participate in our Annual General budgets and fundraising programs. Partnership is open for both non-profit making organizations and profit making companies.

Advantage of being our partners is that for those who are commercial oriented businesses can get advertising inserts for their businesses running through our web homepage and branding in during our events.

Duties of Partners:

  • Assist in sourcing funds for our organized projects.
  • Assist in organizing and administering fundraising programs.
  • On special occasions, a partner may represent and act on behalf of the Organization.
  • Making snap checks by requesting for reports on the financial statements of the Organization and audited accounts to ensure efficient running of financial accounts.
  • Advice the Board on proper disbursement of funds to ensure projects with high priority receives funds adequately and on time.

WSM wishes to give thanks to all our Members and Partners and those interested to join the organization in efforts to improve and raise quality of life of humanity


World Service of Mercy (WSM), er en uafhængig nødhjælpsorganisation, i Afrika der primært i den Demokratiske Republik Congo (DRC), Kenya og Uganda

Foreningens aktivitet i Danmark er at indsamle penge og midler som fx. skolematerialer, hospitalsmaterialer, landbrugsmaterialer osv. for at hjælpe projekter i Afrika og forskellige andre land hvor der er behov

Aktivitet i Dannmark er:

         1. At hjælpe unge i Danmark til at lette sundhed og samfundsudvikling.

         2. At øge unges bevidsthed om virkningerne af klimaændringer samt.    

              deltage, indlede og støtte miljøforholde.

         3. Formålet søges udviklet gennem forskellige alderssvarende aktiviteter
Om medlem er du en støtte og opmuntring for os. Mange mennesker, der lever i fattigdom får hjælp på grund af medlemmer som dig.

Vi har to kategorier af medlemskab:
individuel: 240 kr. årligt (kan betales i rater af 20 kr./md.) Organisation: 500 kr. årligt.

KONTOR: Denmark/9100 4502104506
IBAN : DK7591004502104506, BIC/SWIFT ;  JYBADKKK

KONTAKT: Søndermarksvej 84. 8700 Horsens,
004541295960, E-mail:

World Service of Mercy (WSM), CVR-Nr: 31983797






Address: Søndermarksvej 84,
8700 Horsens /Denmark

+45 41295960


World Service of Mercy,

CVR-nr.: 31983797


Address: 02 Avenue Mwela, 
Kibeti Coin Mongaka Commune Annex.
Lubumbashi/Katanga, DRCongo

+243 815644571



Along Kangundo Road


+254 758496065


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