Education gives people the skills they need to help themselves out of poverty and into prosperity; With education, people are better prepared to prevent diferent disease and to use health services effectively, Environement, climate change fact and its impact on social cohesion life.

WSM and education


WSM aims at making a sustained and effective change by working from the ground up reaching individual students and teachers and making a difference in the classroom.

We focus on science and technology education and of climate change and explain the role of science and technology in health, the environment, and sustainable development.

WSM put in place on programs to educate and mentorship children and youth the prospective with better world view that may help them understand that their respective environment provides opportunity for prosperity too.

Rutshuru / drc school building

Facilitate Education Programs

There are education programs conducted by WSM whose aim is to instill knowledge and skills to the youth.
These skills and knowledge is needed to understand the rapidly changing world around them.
The youth are to be inspired, empowered and engaged in their education through working directly in classrooms, making learning fun with hands-on experiments, and providing the students with talented role-models from their own geographical region.
For the less fortunate youth students, WSM is planning to provide bursaries, stationery and school uniforms.

The future of education

Is all about strengthening and incorporating student-centric learning. In this endeavor, the onus is on teachers to adopt personalized learning and teaching patterns.

Education systems have varying degrees of intensity

in different countries and across different cultures, but it is not everyone everywhere seems to know that education is vital to the future success of humanity

How education gives a better future

WSM working on education gives young people the opportunity to learn and open their minds to new ways of thinking.



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