Health care facilities

The health consequences of poor water, sanitation and hygiene services are enormous.
WSM think of no other environmental determinant that causes such profound, debilitating, and dehumanizing misery…

WSM it's deeply concerned that many health care facilities still lack access to even basic water, sanitation, and hand-washing facilities and orther. WSM committed with patners, organizations and WHO to support to overcome this problem.

Better health is central to human happiness and well-being

Country examples demonstrate that simple measures such as improving cleanliness of toilets or installing low-cost handwashing stations and water treatment at health care facilities improve quality of care, increase uptake of services and also encourage community members to change WASH practices at home     

(e.g. regular handwashing with soap at critical moments).

Beds support

Through the WSM (Genbrug tilSyd), the Danish government helps and supports hospitals in rural areas by offering various hospital materials


International organizations like World Health Organization (WHO), World Vision, UNICEF, Médecin Sans Frontier etc... Are being contacted to offer assistance to WSM's health and community development programs. Health services are mostly required in remote areas that are economically and socially marginalized. Information on health care and sanitation is provided for these people. These services are offered for free. Commonly found ailments in these areas are river blindness, malaria, typhoid, cholera, dysentery, nagana – sleeping sickness etc...

The other objectives of WSM are to change the mind-set of the populations in Africa to be reliant especially in development related areas. In this change, their standard of life will be raised

Help us to support our parents and grandparents in their old age

Home for the Elderlyion

Africa is a continent where elder people are the most vulnerable, especially in conflict areas; we in World Service of Mercy have developed a program of taking care of the elderly group of people in zones affected by different conflicts such as war, dryness, epidemies etc...

The number of needy aged people has grown and requires combined efforts from stakeholders and community development partners to assist this vulnerable group. As a result, construction of dormitories is in pipeline to cater to about 80 aged people and provide them with food, clothing and medical care.

Many elderly people are unemployed thus cannot afford the most basic needs and therefore, suffer in silence. Majority of them stay in urban slums where lack of basic needs and mostly begging for food, in order to survive. By this, WSM in Beni/DRCongo opted a new program of feeding and clothing elders. WSM has provided to build a center for elderly people, others mission aims at improving their living standards of different communities, including running projects for shelter, food and medical care. WSM believes offering social services to the vulnerable/ underprivileged, these are the deaf, blind, orphans, disable people and the elderly it’s a step in human living right. This also includes victims of fire outbreaks, conflict and other unexpected disasters.



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