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WSM and Emergency Relief Intervention

  • To offer rescue and humanitarian services especially relief services to victims of conflicts and natural or accidental disasters. To these victims, WSM will offer moral support, counselling and guidance to those traumatized.

Humanitarian Prgram 

This is where World Service of Mercy (WSM) will be conducting quick response services i.e. various aspects of relief. This includes relief to drought stricken areas, floods, conflict areas, fire outbreaks.
One of the areas WSM will be involved in is drought cycle management operations through Preparedness, Emergency and Recovery phases.
Floods on the other hand cannot be prevented since it is a natural disaster. One would find it hard to prepare for floods, but when it comes to emergency and recovery services, WSM will be there to offer support.
In cases of fire outbreaks especially in slum areas, we are to provide food, blankets, clothes, medicine and be involved in recovery exercise such as providing building materials to help the victims get back on their feet. Food, blankets, medicine, clothing and building materials are also provided to victims from conflict areas.

WSM works in development related areas

  • To change the mind-set of the populations to be self reliant especially in development related areas. Most third world nations have been dependent on foreign aid and their natives have always depended on hand outs. WSM aims at creating avenues to empower communities to become self reliant through viable self-help and income generating projects e.g. in Agriculture, Micro Finance and SACCOs.

WSM assistance in health and community development

  • To facilitate Health and Community Development Programs. WSM will work towards supporting viable government programs that aim at community development. This will be more effective when WSM brings on board other willing development partners with a common goal to serving the less fortunate in our communities.
  • Promotion of human rights. WSM will promote advocacy services to support the marginalized, the vulnerable and the less fortunate in our society. This is in effort to create equality and a fair access to public services and equal distribution of wealth.

WSM, works in sanitary facilities

  • To improve sanitary conditions of populations in Africa by supplying public areas with clean water, better drainage systems and sanitary facilities. Most people who are less fortunate live in degraded conditions particularly in slum areas where you will find sanitary standards are very low or none at all. Here there’s lack of clean water supply and lack of proper water and waste drainage system and sanitary facilities like taps and toilet facilities. WSM will strive to improve these sanitary conditions.

WSM promote environmental management programs

  • To raise awareness, participate, initiate and support environmental matters. WSM will promote environmental management programs whose aim is to prevent pollutions and any other forms of degradation. Mobilize stronger and more ambitious climate action from all Parties and other actors, including civil society, the private sector, local communities and indigenous peoples (To raise awareness, participate, initiate and support environmental matters. WSM will promote environmental management programs whose aim is to prevent pollutions and any other forms of degradation, ”fight against climate change”)

WSM Fight against climate change

  • Fighting against climate change. WSM is in agreement with the Kyoto protocol and the Paris agreement for the fight against climate change

To avoid the worst effects of climate change, science tells us that we must limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, or a maximum of 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, which is also the central goal of the Paris Agreement. To achieve this objective, relying solely on governmental action will not be sufficient. We, in WSM, have a role to play.

According to the UNFCC, we have already reached 1.1 degrees Celsius of global warming. We could reach 1.5 by 2030. Red more...



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